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TIME CRASH’S We’re So Close to 200 Followers and Also Our Album Release GIVEAWAY!

One winner will get:


  1. This is a giveaway for fans, whether old or new - so you must be following us to enter!
  2. You may enter twice: once by Liking, and again by Reblogging.
  3. The winner will be chosen by the random number generator on Tuesday, September 9th.
  4. In order to claim the prize, your ask box must be open!
  5. You also must be willing to give us a shipping address and a tshirt size (shirts are available in ‘unisex’ sizes S - XXL).
  6. We will contact the winner (via Ronen’s blog, i-haveaninternationalreputation) on the 9th. If we do not get a reply in five days (by end of day on the 14th), we will pick another winner.
  7. No giveaway blogs.

REGENERATION will be released on Bandcamp on September 16th - good luck, Crashers!

Any questions? Drop ‘em in our ask!

I already feel like Nine would approve of Twelve

Commander Strax’s guide to life. 4 simple points (Don’t actually do these)


Bully at school making life hell

Sexist buddy making anti-female jokes

Getting dumped by your guy who finds the next girl more attractive than you;

Brother takes the last slice of Pizza

We were preparing to announce the release date of our first full-length album.

It did not go quite as planned.

Getting chills yet?

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So beautiful.

Anonymous asked: Are those who pre-order the album going to get an email when the album's released?

Absolutely! We’ll be sending out download codes for those who ordered digital copies, and shipping confirmations for those who ordered physical copies.


Guardians of the Universe


"Meanwhile in the TARDIS"

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Fangirl Challenge Families (4/10) The Tylers

'You've got my eyes, Jackie's attitude. You sound like her when you shout'

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